I can't love the thing I hate [Jacob Black]

I can't love the thing I hate [Jacob Black]

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I don't own Twilight or any of the people from it...I just play with them.

All my life I was dedicated to one cause...to find and destroy them. I knew my job and I did it well. I had several kills under my belt at my young age of 18, but there were always more. I rarely slept, sleeping takes precious time. Time I could be putting towards my cause. I made a vow to myself at a very young age that I wouldn't stop until their kind was extinct. They are nothing but monsters and they didn't deserve to walk this earth. They are an abomination that I planned to wipe out.
But what happens when the one thing you would give your life to destroy becomes the one thing you would give your life to protect?


"Run Lillyanna!"

I heard my fathers booming voice scream to me. The sound of snarls and heavy paws thudding against the cold damp ground sent my heart racing and the adrenaline coursing through my tiny body. ...

kayla_mystic kayla_mystic Mar 27, 2017
bro that made me cry and me crying is like almost impossible so good job
behindthelense behindthelense Jul 22, 2011
@michellepayneme haha yeah, they were on quizilla but that site is...crap so I'm moving them over. I'm uploading kinda slow just to build it for people, the suspense and all lol
michellepayneme michellepayneme Jul 22, 2011
35 chapters....what....where are they...upload ur brain to 2 wattpad...lol.... I'm looking forward to reading...I'm so excited....
behindthelense behindthelense Jul 20, 2011
@FluffyBunny It gets a bit juicy lmao. There are 35 chapters in this one :D
FluffyBunny FluffyBunny Jul 20, 2011
Yep, I can already tell it's going to be yet another amazing story!! 
                              I love it already!
                              Very interesting with the flashback or dream at the begining. 
                              Guess Jacob has instantly forgotten about bella lol 
                              Can't wait to see what will happen!