The Mafia Wife

The Mafia Wife

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Queen By Your_amazyn Updated Nov 01, 2016

He stalked towards her. His large figure towering her small petite one as she backed away slightly, staring at the dark furious eyes. " I can hear your heart racing darling. You're afraid of me aren't you?" he whispered mockingly, his hand landing on the wall beside her with a loud thud. The small petite woman stared at him, with anger and hatred trying her best not to break down in front of him. 

" I.. I hate you so much. I hate you" she spat trying to get away fron him. Away from the man she once loved with all her heart. " Don't be delusional darling I don't love you either, but you're mine and will always be mine" he roared gripping on to her chin tightly, his dark eyes  twirling with anger. " Leave me alone Omar.. I hate you, you're a monster .." She started as he groaned loudly, both of his fists landing on the wall next to her.

" IT WAS A MISTAKE..YOU'RE A MISTAKE " he yelled putting more pressure on to her wrists making her gasp in pain; as her heart started thundering in her chest . " Omar please stop.. Omar stop it" She whispered back. His dark eyes staring at her afraid ones  with  anger lacing through them.  " I don't want you ..I didn't want you " he yelled glaring at her; his face inches away from her  making her  gasp. Tears forming in her eyes.  

 It shouldn't be such a shock but why did it hurt so much   

" Omar I swear I didn't please.. I didn't do it " She started her eyes glancing at his dark ones pleading when all of a sudden. He roared punching the nearest thing possible which so happened to be a vase. Causing it to smash In to tiny pieces. 
                                                                                               " Leave Naina .. NOW "

He was addicted- She was his drug 
He was darkness - She was his light 
He was a killer - She was his Prey

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willo2211 willo2211 Nov 06, 2016
No offense but his name alone gives out this terrorist vibes 😋😜😍😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂😂😊☺😁😉😯
ReineDame ReineDame Jan 10
Almost all the females protagonist on wattpad has this description 😂😂💯
HufflepuffRocks HufflepuffRocks Nov 25, 2016
Why do I feel that the author is an Asian? Indian, to be precise.
101cupcakelover 101cupcakelover Dec 10, 2016
I think we all thought:
                              GO GO POWER RANGERS!!! 😂😂😂
Amrak324 Amrak324 Jul 25, 2016
All of the Omar's that I know are really sweet so this is kind of funny.
idgaf22 idgaf22 Jan 27
They have the same fcking last name? I don't get it.........