Shhh, Dont Tell

Shhh, Dont Tell

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Musical_Escape By Musical_Escape Updated Dec 28, 2016


Just random sexx scenes that I've written or am writing.

 Mostly boy on girl, some boy on boy and girl on girl. 

I have a dirty mind and I need to get it out. 

Don't judge.
Shhh, Dont tell ;)

this makes me sad because cheating is a horrible thing, and i haven't even been cheated on. my current boyfriend was and my mom cheated on my dad twice so i'm like wayyyyyy against it
Has no one in the comments seen the amount of dirt jokes in Disney films. They are not just for kids
I'm writing a story where I can get all the dirty mind out lol and just freely write without worries of something bad getting into a story for like school lol
ira131 ira131 Jun 07
Oh! I also love P.S, don't u all? Just kidding I know what P.S means.
Disney isn't actually for kids, like toy story. The toys go to the attic (in hiding) then to the nursery (refugee camp) then they almost get put in the fire pit thing (slaughter house) I honestly think it's based of natsies (idk how to spell it).
Ok this is weird my name is madi and everything is true about the hair the eyes just everything