Gray x Natsu ||Gratsu|| Mating Season

Gray x Natsu ||Gratsu|| Mating Season

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Ieshia Casarez ❤ By Kurose_Riku_030 Completed

Natsu Dragneel sat in the far corner of the guild. It was already two weeks into mating season and he, so far, had a good time restraining himself from attacking a fellow Nakama. 

His stubborn brain however convinced him to stare intently at ever girl's breast and ass that was in the guild. Since when have these girls have gotten hotter. The way Lucy's blue skirt barley covered her ass. The way Juvia's breast looked ten times bigger. Natsu covered his mouth with his scarf, hopeing no one would see his pants of hot air. His body was hotter than usual as well.

Natsu let out a small sigh and tried to concentrate on something else.

Natsu wasn't the only one in the guild that was having a hard time dealing with a boner out of no wear. Gajeel Redfox, Laxus Dreyar, Rogue Cheney, and Sting Eucliffe all experienced it to. However, this was Natsu's first year being in heat and he never felt his pants being this tight. 

Natsu's eyes drifted to Loke. Loke, being...Loke.., was surrounded by gi...

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