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not what he seems//gravity falls mabill ship

not what he seems//gravity falls mabill ship

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the shipp is sailing By gravityfallsboat Completed

"Dipper! Save mE!!" unfortunately, Mabel's pleas for help were unheard.

She turned and glared at the smirking figure in front of her.

Bill Cipher.

She was shocked for a moment as she took in the new look of Bill. 
Not in the triangle man form, but as a human.
To be honest, Mabel thought to herself, he looks quite hot.

"Shooting Star, did you miss me?"


this book is a fanfiction of Mabill, but apart from this, it is just any other random romance novel. so anyone can read this :)

Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Sep 24, 2016
I show much respect. I have a deep liking for puns (which means my friends constantly cringe at my jokes)
daisyninaj101 daisyninaj101 Mar 20, 2016
I'm also newish on watt pad and btw I just put up a story pls read it if u want to
smolsunshine smolsunshine May 01, 2016
but mabill... BUT BILLDIP!
                              but dipcifica... BUT MABILL!
                              but billdip... BUT MABILL!
TheFallenSpirit TheFallenSpirit Jul 14, 2016
*Sees the word decipher* 
                              *snaps finger and points at screen*
Anime_Marvel_Falls58 Anime_Marvel_Falls58 Feb 28, 2016
Actually... You kind've ACT like a hormonal teenager... So we can't be sure.
BrasonAmazhang BrasonAmazhang Oct 16, 2016
pig+goat= my OTP.
                              ∆+ mabel= What I am reading.
                              fed+ex= Percabeth