The Forgotten Girl; Gabrielle Rose Delacour

The Forgotten Girl; Gabrielle Rose Delacour

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  "and let us tell our stories on these walls"

 Gabrielle Rose Delacour is Harry Potter's twin sister. She was adopted when she was young by a French family, and sent to beauxbatons, when the Triwizard tournament arrives she gets to meet Harry for the first time. But this meeting comes with heartbreak, betrayal and death. Will Hogwarts become her new home or is she destined to forever stay the forgotten girl? Will she ever know how she ended up in the orphanage, or will that remain one of the many untold mysteries in her life?
  *all credits go to our queen, Jk Rowling, for writing the wonderful world of Harry Potter, I am but a lowly fan fiction writer*
{goblet of fire-deathly hallows}

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