Cold Hearted |Just Sex| Pryce

Cold Hearted |Just Sex| Pryce

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Pryce Henderson, that name alone bring young women to their knees. When you hear that name around Western Heights High School you think of all the girls he have slept with, the dope boys he slang with, or the girls that fight for his attention. When Pryce hear his name he can't help but to hear his circumstances by default. His infamous father, who was known for Prostituting women died in a deal gone wrong. Leaving Pryce to be with his older brother who can't get past his senior year and widow mother who's obsessed with her past life as a prostitute, witch leads her to a bed with different men every night. People view Pryce as a cold hearted boy who has no future, but there is more to him then what he gives.

Valencia Meyers has what people may call the perfect life. She's a runner up for  valedictorian,  class president, and a track star.  Not to mention the expensive clothing wear that she collects from her father whose a Obstetrician Gynecologist and  mother who is a dental assistant. Valencia has everything except Pryce. The boy that took her virginity and ran with it, the boy she still desired sex from even after their last encounter. Pryce could never be her's, he is cold hearted, damaged, and what her father and mother would call a complete thug.

Together these two will go through trails of jealousy, deceit, sex and even a close death. If you thought Body For Sell and My Brothers Keeper was a good book then you will enjoy the journey of Valencia and Pryce relationship. Meet the new Zeus and Sweets, younger and better then before.

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aunaturale aunaturale Aug 08, 2016
Why you care bruh? You know the rules about girls with the crew right! You made it up! 😂 You little mad or big mad 😖
aunaturale aunaturale Aug 08, 2016
How is Jawan allowed in school lol. Shouldn't he be in adult school on evenings 😂
imademynamelonglol imademynamelonglol Aug 01, 2015
My cousins have green,hazel,and orange eyes while mine are turning just hazel. We're related closely and most of my family has light-ish brown eyes. Don't mean nothing! lol
imademynamelonglol imademynamelonglol Aug 01, 2015
Aww. Sounds like my mom and grandma. Yes,even my grandma looks better than me. My eyes are getting there though. Everyday,they get lighter.
Alsina1996 Alsina1996 Jul 25, 2015
I feel like he is one of those "I don't want you but nobody else can want or have you" type of niggas
OneOfAKinddJewel___ OneOfAKinddJewel___ Jun 23, 2015
Why you care so much Pryce? Hm. I wonder why Valencia needed to talk to Jawan anyway.