Art [Zarry]

Art [Zarry]

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"Why-Why are you naked?" 
"I've been told that you enjoy painting naked men. Did I misunderstand?" 

"An aggressive sex addict and a shy, yet incredibly kinky artist falling in love with each other? I agree, that does sound a bit strange." 

"You're like my therapy, babe." 

*1st place in The Bromance Awards 2016 Zarry category
*3rd place in the Holiday Bromance Awards Zarry category

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Throwback to when he had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about yours
"We both kinda share that really" SAID LOUIS ABOUT HE AND HARRY I AM LARRY TRASH I CRI
I liked it better when my car had sound (omfg those lyrics played as I read that yikes )
DDFoster16 DDFoster16 Aug 06
It's Harry Styles....With that Smirk.....He defines the universe
If you don't live them anymore and are not being supported financially, then you don't have to obey by their pathetic a*s "rules." You're free.