Peter (The Devil On My Shoulder)

Peter (The Devil On My Shoulder)

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Duh. By heavy_soul Updated Dec 01

Ghost, demon, an exceptionally well trained magician?

Daisy didn't know what he was, or how he managed to disappear and reappear on command, but the one thing she did know was that Peter wasn't going to leave her alone. Not until he got what he wanted. What he wanted, however, was another thing she was still trying desperately to figure out. 

From constant stalking, to skipping class, to being forced to make tough decisions, Daisy's world was turned upside down the minute Peter stepped into it.  

And he has no plans of ever stepping out.

can we just talk about your cover though? like, damn Jesse! that's my baby
                              HAIL NOOOO 
                              TO THE LORD HAILL NAWW 
                              HAIL TO THE LORD LORD NAW NAW
Leave the house now. Forget your family and belongings and run! Don't look back!
The_Boy_Next_Door1X The_Boy_Next_Door1X Sep 19, 2015
please update!!!! I've been waiting so much!!! i love your story, its really original!!