Happy Tree Friends X Reader

Happy Tree Friends X Reader

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Galaxy's Dragon By malaysiaskc Updated Jul 18, 2015

"Hey (Y/n), isn't it too hot to be wearing a scarf?" Petunia pointed at (Y/n)'s neck and raised her brow. "Yeah, its summer and it's almost a hundred degrees out here" The pink female named giggles fanned her face with the menu, that belonged to the mini-cafe's.

"Oh, well. A close friend gave it to me before they left. So I rarely take it off, even on hot days." (Y/n) said as she tugged on the red scarf closer to her neck, feeling the soft fabric rub against her skin. But what (Y/n) said was a bitter lie, she wore a scarf to cover up a secret from her friends. "You're crazy! But that sounds very romantic at the same time." The blue haired female placed both of her hands on her heart. "Very!" Giggles chuckled beside her.

They got their drinks, (Y/n) had a vanilla shake, Giggles had lemonade, and Petunia had a chocolate shake. "So, how have you and Flippy been doing (Y/n)?" Giggles stirred her lemonade and sipped it before asking her question. "Well, we've been doing better now, Flipqy...

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