Heaven's Letters

Heaven's Letters

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An extraordinary collection of letters written directly from inside the realms of Heaven itself!!! The end of this present Age is about to come; history, as we know it, is about to draw to a final conclusion. The ‘Second Coming’ is very shortly going to take place!

Have you ever wondered what Heaven is really like?
What do Angels look like and what are their functions?
What does Jesus Christ look like?
What does God look like?
What goes on in Heaven?
What goes on in Hell?
What do Demons look like?
Can people have visions of Heaven?
Can people be ‘resurrected’?
What about people who have died and come back to life?
Do babies, young children and animals go to Heaven or Hell?

The answers to these questions and much more can be found in 
Heaven’s Letters including true stories and accounts of what actually you can see and do ‘up there’!

A little child in Heaven is allowed to write to his/her mummy on earth, as the mummy is feeling sad.  In chapter two a 17 year old boy is allowed to contact his burnt-out father and to give him a message, a truly awesome message! In other chapters other children and adults will "Write Home". What will they say, what were the circumstances that got them to Heaven?

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Dulce111111 Dulce111111 Jun 23, 2017
I saw this real because I have a book about my trip to Heaven! Can you check it out?
CelestialNavigator CelestialNavigator Jul 17, 2016
If a child is was mutilated to be removed from the womb, then something went VERY wrong.
-blacknwhyte- -blacknwhyte- Mar 16, 2016
This reminds me Heaven Is For Real, where Colton saw is unborn sister in Heaven. It gives so much encouragement :) Sometimes the enemy gets to you and you begin to doubt Heaven and if God is really there. But then He sends things like this your way to help you. :)
Mark777Brislin Mark777Brislin Oct 03, 2015
always appreciate a comment, even I I do not quite understand it......
Mark777Brislin Mark777Brislin Oct 23, 2014
Vicky, I am happy that you liked this part of the book. However, there are 9 other people whose stories I have told, each one quite different from the other. I hope that you like all of them? Mark
Mark777Brislin Mark777Brislin Aug 07, 2013
@AshleyNelson850 Thanks Ashley for the positive comments. Have you only read chapter One?