High School Sweetheart! (lesbian story)

High School Sweetheart! (lesbian story)

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ThatBIgirlB By ThatBIgirlB Updated Feb 17, 2013

 it was january 5th and time to go back to school from the break we had for christmas and new years. i was so nervous because i had switched schools over break and i would be the new kid in the middle of the year.

i had a lot of friends there already but being an outsider was gonna be tough and i just got out a two year relationship, and that didnt help my self esteem at all.

my alarm wen off at 5:30 and i already had butterflys, i was so nervous i tried to fake a sickness but my parents didnt buy it one bit. i put my head down and slowly walked to the bathroom almost in tears because i had so mant thoughts running through my head, "what if no one likes me? what if i get treated like shit again just like at my old school?" but i couldnt let it bother me. it was now 6 and i knew i only had 20 minutes to get dressed so i threw on my clothes and rushed to the bathroom to staighten my hair. i put on my makeup and ran out the door. i just got my permit so my mom let me drive to miss casey...

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