Broken Masterpiece • (Peter Pan / OUAT) •

Broken Masterpiece • (Peter Pan / OUAT) •

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Megan ✨ By TheBaeMagnet Updated Jan 02

"Why must you leave me so breathless at times when there is so much to say?" questions the green eyed piper.

"Because sometimes it's best when no words leave your mouth" I mutter.

"And why would that be, Scarlett?" he asks.

"Because if any words left your mouth, I wouldn't be able to tell you how I feel" I mumble.

He pauses for a moment, pondering my words.

"How do you feel about me?" he whispers, taking a few steps forward.

"I don't see a tangled mess, nor a monster, underneath all of your beauty. I simply see a broken masterpiece. Only certain people can. You just like pushing them people away" I spoke confidently.

"I only push them away because they don't love me for who I am" he sighs.

"And who might that be?" I ask him.

"A monster"

"Well Peter Pan, I'll have you know, I do enjoy a bit of dark magic" I stare into his eyes. As soon as his gaze meets mine, I speak.

"I do love myself a beast. Especially when they can be such a beauty at times"

Then his lips meet mine.

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RadCheshireCat RadCheshireCat Sep 20, 2016
Not hideous. You have a face. It's cute. That's the simple truth.
peyton19085 peyton19085 Sep 03, 2016
The pipe video quite litterally puts me in a trace it creepy cause it makes never want to turn it off
Austerailia Austerailia Sep 18, 2016
Screw the kiss. If someone told me this were getting married. This is a beautiful summary, honestly
TazzNutella TazzNutella Nov 20, 2016
I feel like you can turn this one chapter into a whole new album for Adele. 
                              No shade and I love this book so far 🤓😚
NightSoCoolioYep NightSoCoolioYep Oct 17, 2016
He can do anything he wants with my ass 😏😉😘😉😏😍😘😍
                              (too dirty?..... Nah)
alyssamikaelson alyssamikaelson Sep 14, 2016
I wonder if they get periods on Neverland... I mean, time stops there, so...