The Hunter & The Alpha

The Hunter & The Alpha

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This was my FIRST BOOK please understand that I know how many mistakes are in here. I was only in 7th grade going into 8th.

Sam Evergreen is a hunter. She kills werewolves. When she get's assigned investigate a pack. What happen's when the Alpha is her mate? What will happen when he finds out she's one of the things that he despises?

Completed on 8/1/15

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You copy I will find you and send you to the devil.

If any of you see a story like mine please tell me.

KerryMoonLight KerryMoonLight Jul 16, 2016
YAY MY NAME IS SAMANTHA TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  XD IM HAPPY NOW !! :)))
Niabearxo Niabearxo Sep 09, 2016
She just has a little too much eyeliner for me but they are so pretty
DisneyisEternal DisneyisEternal Feb 28, 2016
I would be creeped too if strangers came up to me asking a bunch of questions