Sesshomaru x Kagome

Sesshomaru x Kagome

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kay1lovely By kay1lovely Updated Apr 29, 2016

'Huh? Maybe I should've kissed him goodbye', I think this sarcastically as I'm being flung through the air.
My name is Kagome and this is how I died...
I used to be a student who lived in a temple with her grandfather, brother, and mother. But I also lead a second life, I'm a miko who is the reincarnation of Kikyo, another miko from 500 years ago whom was protecting the shikon jewel. Now the jewel is under my protection and I've chosen to live 500 years in the past to guard it. 

After the destruction of Naraku, we ,Inuyasha and co., decided that it would be better to destroy the jewel but we can't seem to find a way. As I was pondering over just how to destroy the jewel, a demon burst through the roof of the temple I was currently resting in.

"Hmm? You've come later than expected. Hello Inuyasha." "Kagome, Kikyo needs that jewel to become human again and I don't want to take it by force. But if I must then I shall." As Inuyasha was saying this his eyes were turning red, and he was ac...

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is there something with the chapter or, am I the only one seeing two lines nya~ ??? im a little confused desu~
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Oh..... the chapter got deleted somehow didn't it... I feel that pain.
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no no it was getting so good why you stop there plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz upate
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what is this story about and 2nd update u got me hooked a little