Stop (Lauren/You)

Stop (Lauren/You)

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Llama By _galliumyttrium Completed

"If you want me to stop then I'll stop. Is that what you want?"

G!p Y/N

Cover by slothtato

KatherineMooney KatherineMooney 5 days ago
Dude. If I had a band, I would name it In Heir so I could have fancy and royal names for everything.
Kimbowee Kimbowee 6 days ago
1. Tokyo Vampires and Wolves - The Wombats
                              2. Heavy Metal Detox - Wavves 
                              3. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes 
                              4. When You Were Young - The Killers
                              5. Panic Station - Muse
I_AM_A_SAVAGE_ I_AM_A_SAVAGE_ 6 days ago
1. Somebody Else-  The 1975
                              2. It Ain't Me-Kygo (and Selena Gomez)
                              3. La La La- Sam Smith, Naughty Boy
                              4. Like I Would- ZAYN
                              5. End Up Here- 5 Seconds of Summer
SophieC1406 SophieC1406 Feb 16
1. Your Love - Little Mix
                              2. See Me Now - Little Mix
                              3. Grown - Little Mix
                              4. Love Me Or Leave Me - Little Mix
                              5. Love On Top - Beyoncé
IizPepito IizPepito 3 days ago
I hate dresses holy f. I want to go to leik a school dance in a suit so peopLE KNOW THAT I AM NOT AS SHY FFS
BlueFoxx012 BlueFoxx012 Feb 06
that doesnt make sense, knights are not common, they would be plebs or peasants. but I like to call people plebs so there