The Non-Frightening Ghost » h.s.

The Non-Frightening Ghost » h.s.

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[halloween special: ✔]

When I had decided to go to my best friend's boyfriend's Halloween party I hadn't expected five things to happen. One, that Blake would have me go dressed up as a "sexy vampire". Two, there would be a contest on who could scare me the most (damn you, Payne). Three, I would be ditched by my best friend so she could be all up on Mr. British. Four, my only company would be a non-frightening ghost that merely had a sheet draped over his head. And lastly, five,that I would find myself on an adventure with said ghost, and find myself falling for him.

Well, this was clearly an eventful Halloween.

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Being the middle child is like 5x worse. You picked on by your older siblings and resoluble for the younger ones....
Seriously why is lily collins always in books i read with harry! I love her tho.
PriyaNidamarty PriyaNidamarty Oct 03, 2015
And I read all of them! Well, all that are completed and am reading this ongoing one so..
ItsMeChevy ItsMeChevy Oct 02, 2015
I know hoe she feels. My brother and cousins used to make me watch thriller by myself. Scared the ish outta me.
Colorful_Directioner Colorful_Directioner Oct 02, 2015
K so I'm really excited for Haz to come in and see how the other couples are in this story
ImagineFuture ImagineFuture Sep 29, 2015
I really enjoyed the other holiday stories and this one sounds cute as well. I think I like Harry better as a ghost than the original bunny. Looking forward to it!