A host?! Don't make me laugh

A host?! Don't make me laugh

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Jax By Jackielovesmusic Completed

I have finally gotten into the school that my parents wanted, nothing could ruin this. 
Except now I have to deal with the stupid host club harassing me. 
What am I going to do?

Asami Etsuko has worked his butt off to get into ouran and now he has finally gotten in.
Living without parents and taking care of his 5 year old brother is hard enough but what happens when the host club asks him to join them. 
And what happens when they discover how hard his past really was, and that same past comes to bite him in the butt?
And what happens when he begins to have feelings for a certain host.
Read more to find out!

I do not own OHSHC or the characters I only own my ocs so don't sue me 
Pretty please.
Also this is a bxb story don't like don't read.

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Relatable. ((Except heights. I actually have a reverse fear or heights, which is a weird fear to have.))
Everyone is up here oh poor baby all but one of his family  are dead and I'm up here thinking 'don't drink and drive kids or you'll kill some dudes family'.
Cakes-and-anime Cakes-and-anime Sep 12, 2016
If his family was murdered, y did they leave the little bro and other twin alive? Leave no evidence when breaking the law, kids.
I_Am_A_Panda__Rawr I_Am_A_Panda__Rawr Aug 25, 2016
                              Malec children
                              Max and Raphael 
                              Magnus bottoms
                              They are getting married
hollowficationn hollowficationn Jul 21, 2016
Thank you! Authors always reveal everything about their oc and makes everything boring
slaine2002 slaine2002 Aug 14, 2016
You're not afraid of heights, you're afraid of falling 
                                   - Izaya Orihara