Chasing Piper

Chasing Piper

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blizabeth By blizabeth Updated Sep 22, 2015

Meet Piper Hawkens. Senior at Harmen High. 

She's not your average everyday anything. Especially when it comes to high school categories. 

Piper is insanely athletic but does no school related activities. 

She is one of the most liked people in school and has a seemingly endless amount of friends but also foes. 

She has two best friends Cami and Jake but both are highly popular Jocks. And as much as Piper has always felt like she fits in, even with the negativity she encounters from her classmates she is beginning to wonder herself who is Piper Hawkens? 

National gymnastics champion? Yes. 

Youngest female boxer to be asked about a pro career? Yes. 

But those are things she's done. Not who she is. 

It's Pipers senior year and she is determined to find herself. 

What she doesn't expect is to find help in the new boy who just moved in across the street.  

Chase Roberts has had to move to a new school for his senior year, after he was suspended for fighting at his last school. Chase is completely confident in who he is. He's a bad boy trouble maker and he seems to be absolutely sure of himself in every aspect of his life. 

Until he meets Piper. 

A quick friendship blossoms between the two of them strengthened by what they have in common only to be strained by their different beliefs. 

Will Chase be able to help Piper battle demons she didn't even realize she had? What if Chase really doesn't know what he wants or who he is? Can Piper help him find himself while finding her way too?