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Alice By AliceWilloughby Updated Aug 11, 2016

"At first I hadn't been able to put my finger on what frightened me about him. He towered over me, which was frightening enough, but it was something more. Something about how the air charged around him. Django looked at me then with eyes like an animal, peering from a forest at night."

  Two years ago, Bonnie Lee Harper and her family were sent into witness protection after her abusive father murdered their next door neighbor. Moved far from their Beverly Hills home in the City of Angels, Bonnie and her family have relocated to wintry Wildgate, Utah and it's strange, sleepy yokels. And Bonnie thought the goons roaming the streets of Hollywood were weird. . .

   With her classmates raving about missing livestock, things are thrown into ultimate chaos when she meets the man who seems to be at the heart of the town's flurrying whispers. A man who ignites a deep, frightening passion within her. A man who wants her to give him something she possibly couldn't. Her soul, and even worse? Her heart.

TheGenuinePearl TheGenuinePearl Aug 16, 2016
Enjoy it?!!! That was hella terrifying! I was literally shaking.....but deserves my vote, indeed.
abditive abditive Dec 19, 2015
The plot is amazing, your writing is sophisticated as f*ck, and my baby daddy Gaspard Ulliel is on the frigging cover!
PretendX PretendX Oct 29, 2015
I remember being on of the  first readers of the story always has been on of my favorite thank you for bringing it back your truly a great writer
OpheliaQuills OpheliaQuills Aug 04, 2015
ugh I've waited so long! It was worth it. I loved the old version it was great! but plllllease! update! T.T I need my fix!
babyheartme0018 babyheartme0018 Jul 30, 2015
I love this book! I loved the previous version, and I didn't think it was possible to improve it, but this is looking even better! Yay!!!!
blackrosedrop blackrosedrop Jul 22, 2015
Oh my god ... This is awesome! Great writing and such an intense scene! You've got me hooked, I can't wait for the next update x