Give me an 'A' for After Sex

Give me an 'A' for After Sex

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India MT By MariaCook Updated Mar 30, 2013

"I know it's early, sorry. But I need some to borrow some sugar if you don't mind lending some out." Out of all the dorm rooms he could have went to, he went to mines? On top of that our rooms aren't even on the same floor. 

"What makes you think I have any sugar?" My grumpy morning mood was starting up already. He just smirked and shrug his shoulders.

"I dunno. Do you?"

"Yes." I answered and then lifted up a finger. "Hold on a second." I walked over to my mini fridge and grabbed the bag of sugar. I grabbed a little cup and pulled some in there. "How much do you need?" I asked raising my voice so he could hear me from in here.

"Half a cup would be nice." He replied from behind me. I jumped so hard I nearly dropped the cup along with the sugar. He started to chuckle. "Sorry." His hands laid on my waist. "Didn't mean to scare you." He was making me hot and wet between the thighs. 

"It's alright." I answered after catching my breath and trying to stay cool with him touching me. I didn't want to turn and face him, because I had an idea of what may have happened. I picked up the cup and lifted it towards him. "There you go." I let go when I felt his grip was on it.

"Thanks." He whispered in my ear. This man is too sexy and young to work at this college. 

"Sure." I said nodding. His one hand was still on my waist. "I'll see you Monday." That was his cue to bounce out of my dorm. His hand left my waist and I turned around at that time. He was looking at me very intensively.

"May be I want to see you tomorrow too." My body was between his arms and against my mini fridge as he began to close the space between us. This man is going to get me into some serious trouble. I thought to myself. 
Christina is a junior in college with an insanely hot creative writing professor. She tries to be the good innocent woman everyone thinks she is, but what goes on behind closed door is a whole different story.

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Maybe is all one word just to help u out not complaining just helping 
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Curious_Kitten Curious_Kitten Feb 20, 2013
wait i am confused. is it supposed to be prologue? cuz epilouge comes at the end of the story.... ??