Magic Spawn Origins

Magic Spawn Origins

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Meredith Skye By Meredithskye Completed

MAGIC SPAWN. Urban fantasy.
When a boy becomes a tool for an evil mage, his brother must fight them both.

A ten year old boy stumbles into a cemetery crypt to waken an ancient magic on Halloween night. The small town must defend themselves from the undead horrors brought upon them by a dark mage from another plane of existence. Then they learn a terrible secret--the boy is not of this world! He is a magic-spawn! If the necromancer captures him, then the results will be catastrophic for both their worlds.

This work is an editing draft, so please give me feedback as to the details and pacing of the story. This will be appreciated!

NOTE: A self-contained urban fantasy novel.
This story  tells about the origins of characters from the series:  Nethermost Realm,  which is also up on Wattpad. Both can be read separately.

  • fantasy
  • horror
  • mage
  • magic
  • necromancer
  • nethermost
  • realm
  • spawn
  • sword
  • urban
  • wizard