Mr.Alpha Black

Mr.Alpha Black

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Amber the scammer By cocaineelaine Updated Dec 29, 2015

*⚠ Mature Content and Language* 

 I'm not really good at summary's :/... The first few chapters of this book are suckish. The book gets better in further chapters!  ;)

Also there are a lot of grammar mistakes. Book will go into construction once completed.

Nicole ur beautiful and try to appreciate ur curves
                              Luv ya.
I really like da wsy Tobia and Noah talkin to one another. 
                              Noah & Nicole ur one fuckin "HOT" couple.
were-writer were-writer Jul 03, 2015
I thought it said mother scolding her chicken and almost died lol but I love the story
cocaineelaine cocaineelaine Jun 28, 2015
thanks I'm such a big fan of your work and thanks for actually reading the book it
                               means a lot to me :)
XhollyryanX XhollyryanX Jun 28, 2015
Hey- so you are off to a good start! One thing I would recommend, is extending the shortened words, like tho to though, and cuz to 'cause or because. overall though, nice character development and description. :)