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You Nerd (AU Lapidot)

You Nerd (AU Lapidot)

28.4K Reads 1.1K Votes 16 Part Story
She Gave Up Her Life So He Could Enjoy His By AgentAkumora Updated Jun 15, 2016

Peridot and Jasper move to Beach City and meet many new faces including one special girl working at a car wash....
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quiznakyoself quiznakyoself Apr 24, 2016
Yup, that's me & Wild_San 😂 I'm like "U playing MindCraft?" And she's like "ITS MINECRAFT!!!'
Goldentail11 Goldentail11 Sep 16, 2016
Pearl get outta here, we all know you're the cause of this salty dilemma
                              We don't need ur salt here
Cannonbro Cannonbro Jul 10, 2016
This is accurate to fanart and my Lapidot cult beliefs in so many ways...
Peridorko Peridorko Jun 10, 2016
I can imagine peridot playing minecraft, but she'll probably try to dye diamonds yellow
stevenuniverse1222 stevenuniverse1222 Dec 19, 2016
PEARL ARE YOU HEAR, i than turn arournd and see a pearl crawling out of the room and i SCREAM
Yolobear1108 Yolobear1108 Mar 26, 2016
PEARL GET OUT OF THE CAR. -pearl appears out of nowhere and crawls out- HISSSSSSSSSSS -3-