The Secret of his Heritage

The Secret of his Heritage

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After the accident,  Harry Potter's twin was forgotten. The authorities assumed the death eaters got him, and decided that Harry would not be told to prevent the reactivation of their link. However, Dumbledore decided that Harry should be told if the twin ever returned to Hogwarts. After Dumbledore died, McGonagle found his name on the list and immediately alerted the ministry. After all, his name would not be there if he were dead like they assumed. The ministry was already infiltrated by then, and they immediately set out to find Harry's long lost twin. The ministry set out to find Percy Jackson. 

I do not own either of these books. They belong to Jk Rowling and Rick Riordan. This is simply the result of insanity and Wattpad.

P.S.: This will not be exactly according to the plotline. I was only able to read the Deadly Hallows once because I had to borrow it from a friend. If I get it wrong, please feel free to correct me in the comment section. I am going to try to check it out.

lucyisnotsocial lucyisnotsocial Sep 14, 2016
Shouldn't his name be in the magical book of magicness name-ness ( idk what's it called ) as he supposedly died at one. As you can't remove the names. Shouldn't he have gotten his hogswaet letter? 
                              Sorry if the answer is really obvious, and I seem very stupid.
arkeeler0203 arkeeler0203 Jun 14, 2016
Yes! Under the Sea is one of the bestest Disney songs eva! Plus, it's very fitting
dawnjoyce dawnjoyce Jul 19, 2016
He cast an unforgivable curse, that's unforgivable!(as stated in the name) bad!
aetolus aetolus Sep 08, 2016
Percy Potter. Nah. No. I cannot see that properly without laughing.
KawaiiPinkPoptartCat KawaiiPinkPoptartCat Dec 12, 2016
I'm probably the only one thinking this.
                              "P.P. Percy Potter. PFFFTTT."
Iamtheblackbird Iamtheblackbird Dec 26, 2016
Why the heck would ministery of magic use unforgettable curse against a teenager?!