Are we friends with benefits?  (bwwm)

Are we friends with benefits? (bwwm)

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zion_pickles By zion_pickles Updated Jan 21

"Are we friends with benefits?" I asked Christian as he pulled me towards him.
"No were just close best friends." Christian says before leaning down and kissing me on the lips.

Aubrey Rae has known Christian Riley since she was adopted into a white family, the James family next door to Riley's when she was just 5 years old.
They instantly became best friends though he was white boy and she was black girl. As they entered high school they've become close ,throughout the years, very close even for "best friends". Holding hands, hugging, and even kissing but never officialy a couple. 
What will happen when Christian gets a 'girlfriend' that Aubrey hates but still tends to profess how he wants be couple with Aubrey?


what will happen when the self proclaimed bad boy Ethan James takes a interest in Aubrey and begins to treats Aubrey the way she deserve?

amf0013 amf0013 Aug 05
Chris Evans is daddy asfffff 👅👅👅👅💦💦💦💦💦💦💦😍💜💜💜
I'm lost now!! I thought it said bwwm meaning black girl but u know.. in blind so that might be why lol
She is mixed but um no I'll just imagine someone else😑😕😶
anitacrida anitacrida Sep 18
I dunno if it's just me but, I can't eat or drink or anything without brushing my teeth and showering .
That was a dream! Just a dream! Got me all hyped up for nothing 😭😭😭😭😢
ChloNichols ChloNichols Jun 14, 2016
That girl in the picture is not even black, bishh where's the melanin in her skin ? 🙄