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"I'll damage you." His rough hands held my hips and made me straddle his lap. His hard on pressing against my core.

His breathy laugh filled the office. "You can't damage what's already broken piccolo."

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Published June 28, 2015

Bruh I cannot stand people that are overly happy and smiles and giggles 24/7 that shiii is annoying af. Idc what anyone says eventually you'll get aggravated being around someone like that
najahd2004 najahd2004 Jul 16
i am full black and my hair is considered to be sold because it is great for all hairstyles but if that is what she thinks then that is fine by me
Goddess569 Goddess569 Aug 22
He made me choke on my Gatorade but i'm not that shocked being as my Fiancée is 6'7 and his brother is 6'10 and his dad is 7'2...
LaniGoddess LaniGoddess Jul 19
y'all tripping for no reason ok, every dark is beautiful calm down y'all annoying me with y'all comments
Why did I think of a funeral car precession...🤦🏾‍♀️
DeedyBaby DeedyBaby Aug 11
I'd be like "Say hello to my little friend then hoe" and flip her off