Reject Me! I'll Make You Regret It (Completed)

Reject Me! I'll Make You Regret It (Completed)

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Alpha Vampira Stilinski By AlphaStilinski13 Completed

Lia Snow was rejected by her mate and pack the only person who liked her was her best friend Anita. Being rejected was the last straw, she left and came into a new pack. 

3 years later, she has to go back to her old pack because of the hunters and rouges working together, she also became the Alpha in her old pack. What happens when her mate Damon looks at the new and transformed Lia and want her back?

Start Book: 17th February 2015
End Book: 13th May 2017

  • mates
  • regret
  • rejected
  • return
  • revenge
  • werewolf