The Descendant of Akata (Naruto fanfiction)

The Descendant of Akata (Naruto fanfiction)

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Krista By Harakka Updated Aug 26

Family is something we all yearn for and Lumi has been one of those ever since her father died. One day, when Lumi has to escape the lurking monster in her "home" once again, she goes through several odd happenings and finds herself somewhere she had only dreamt of being.
The longer she spends time there, the more she realises how much her father had not told her.

She is given the opportunity to get a family, not only by blood, but by soul. However, in the middle of the good things, devils slumber, waiting for their turn. And as Lumi takes confident steps forward on her wild journey to reveal the secrets behind her birth and last name, ground trembles and the devils awaken.

All rights of the original plot and characters go to Naruto's creator and the music in some chapters belongs to someone else but me. I own nothing but my oc's, their ability and the twist I created into the story.

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Luna14Sith Luna14Sith May 10
I feel stupid now, I live in Washington state and the coldest it gets here is like 28 degrees (f)
I still don't understand this
                              I've read this story like 3 times now I think and I still don't know if the monster is an actual monster or if it's an a$$hole guardian
OkamiAkuna OkamiAkuna Jul 29
Must be a good muffin if she finds pleasure from it 😊😁😂
If I'm outside at night,and I hear someone humming. Haha... I would run for it (song is kinda creepy sorry)
Prism_Sky Prism_Sky Feb 03
There are some things that could be better but...
                              it's still better than my horrible one half face kind of drawing.
VenusTang7 VenusTang7 Feb 01
Omg it's hetalia Sweden,Finland I ship those two and Sealand.... cute