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The Oracle of Tartarus [malexmale]

The Oracle of Tartarus [malexmale]

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Rotty By rotXinXpieces Completed

{Styx Sequel} Zelios is the silent one, the mature one. He's never asked for a thing in life... until Persephone gifts him with an orphaned half-water daemon named Noe. A daemon he raised to be his righthand man. A daemon that Zelios would do anything for... and now he finds himself wishing that just once, he could have something he wanted with all his heart. [Warning: Contains graphic adult themes and offensive content]

^ to all of these comments: yes tf he is and its so frUSTRATING HES SO OBLIVIOUS I WANT D E A T H
Mm idk how id feel about another adrian pov although where things are in the series currently i doubt that it will happen rip
NeoNraa NeoNraa Feb 19
I'm sure you could think up another first that will happen :)
theGayArrow theGayArrow Jan 29
HANNI is my alfirfhjaheusfgauaisbsiwidnzjsi. So frickin' adorable.
^ if you click in the comment by rabidcrab theres spoilers so be careful dears
This is where it starts to get frustrating. Zelios ur so dense i