Distance b/w Us... #YourStoryIndia

Distance b/w Us... #YourStoryIndia

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They say distance means so little when the person means so much... 

But when you mean nothing to that person then, the little distance will definitely mean so much... 

They say distance is a test of how far love can go but what if there is no love in the first place... 

They say the worst thing about distance is we don't know whether they miss you or forget you, but what if they don't even give a sign that they feel your presence even after looking at you every day... 

Distance doesn't just refer to the miles between two persons. Because we are not living in different places far away from each other, but still, there is a distance between us. 

Is it going to be just there forever? Or will there be any way to reduce it... 

You may have become my husband, but you made yourself as a stranger to me by forming this distance between us, and I am losing the little hope which I formed in the beginning slowly...

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nbtnis nbtnis Jun 09, 2016
I don't like these kind of marriage where bil & sil have to marry 
                              but still looking forward to story ...
fantazy503 fantazy503 Oct 18, 2016
It's funny to hear you say that you're kinda confused when you're the one writing the story
- - Nov 12, 2015
There's a really good plot. The cover is not good. It is looking in your works
cutiesf cutiesf Jul 20, 2015
little confused at start, but gets interesting while reading whole chapter...
Crazybookworm27 Crazybookworm27 Jun 20, 2015
nice chap and who is ayesha??
                              and already hate her mom and aunt
khushboosinghal90 khushboosinghal90 Jun 19, 2015
How can Indu do such a thing? And her family is also forcing her I hate these type of people... Btw interesting start