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Saving Her

Saving Her

159K Reads 5.1K Votes 19 Part Story
Liliana By Bookworm_411 Completed

Ava is abused my her father over her mother's death. Ava's mother died in a car crash while going to a talent show for Ava. Her father had hated her ever since. Ava would leave but she has no where to go. She has no other family to turn to and she has no friends. 
Ava is a senior In 
High School and is picked on my the populars. She feels unwanted by EVERYONE and one day decides to end her life. 
She goes on her school roof one night after a harsh beating and gets ready to jump before someone saves her. 

The person who saved her is none other than Liam Dillion. 
The schools bad boy


This was my first book on Wattpad and to be's literally shit! I'm not even going to try and lie. There are endless writing mistakes and HUGE plot holes! Everything about this book is literally shit so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

The funny thing is this is the point where one of my guy friends should show up and a huge fight starts😂😂😂 It's happened before and he just said "See ya next time babe". We aren't dating yet he calls me babe.😂 I've know him since we where in cribs
MClementine MClementine May 22
While everyone is wondering about the reason, I'm wondering about the whip. Wth did the shopkeepers think he needed it for when he bought the motherfucker?
wow can she scream any louder cause I the polar bears in the North Pole  hear her and trust me they do not like it
aliceW-198 aliceW-198 Oct 11, 2016
Yells in your ear!!! Just tell her to ✋✋🖕the back of the closet cus Narnia looking for a new ice queen.
lilchicken11 lilchicken11 Oct 17, 2016
I love that she said she yells in my ear. That's an odd thing to say whilst harassing someone
Deaths_Decoy Deaths_Decoy Dec 12, 2016
Ok that is a first. Never seen such a stupid reason. Hell, that's not a reason that's an excuse. Wait why does he have a whip? Oh wait never mind.