A  Letter to My Heart

A Letter to My Heart

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Aaron By Aaron_the_nobody Completed
How would you feel if the girl you love doesn't love you back?
     Well, this is a letter from A guy  who is deeply in love with a girl who doesn't even acknowledge him to his heart.
It's really beautiful.. The way its expressed....  just heartouching
i know how it feels to love somebody who doesnt notice you at all.. 
                                    this is sooo cute!!
That was sweet. adorable, sad and hopeful at the same time. It was really good written and it looked/felt honest to me
So guys feel like that hmm makes me feel better knowing guys feels like girls and I think It Gould have been longer it was really good
so knowing that ur a guy.. it surprised me that guys feel the same way what we girls do feel too..woah. one of my question was answered
This was so sweet and relatable. You have such lovely writing , x