Four!  (Naruto various x reader)

Four! (Naruto various x reader)

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All the boys are in love with you?! 
How...? What in the....?
You've stolen all of their hearts! 

Read this Naruto (variousxreader) fanfiction called four! 

Four is number that means death. It brings misfortune where ever it goes. 

Now you've been put into a group of four?! 
Can't be that bad....right? 


One of the biggest shinobi superstitions is that with a group of four.... One member will ALWAYS die.


Hey.... At least you get to be with the boys? ^.^"

*Grabs one of the girl(Not Hinata bcuz she is kawaii) and throws them out the window*
                              Who's next?
*Approaches the kid and goes right up their face*
                              Hn. *Flips hair while hair slaps the kid on the face*
                              Everyone(Except the kid) : OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
*Goes into Sakurai mode*
                              IM SORRY
                              IM SO SORRY
                              I SHOULDN'T BE LIVING ANYMORE
                              IM SORRY
                              IM SO SO SORRY
                              PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!
You mean you want me to hang your stupid ads corpse outside the village?
                              Then Yes.
Yes Sir.
                              But I'm still absolute....
                              Akashi : *Snip Snip Snip*
I'm both.
                              A loser that is a mystery.
                              It's to solve a case when you don't have any leads, right?
                              So I'm also interesting and frustrating.