My Bestie is a StreetFighter!? (Editing)

My Bestie is a StreetFighter!? (Editing)

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Aurora Jones and Faye Stevens have been best friends for ten years, since they were in diapers. Nothing and no one could separate them. Aurora was the sporty one, while Faye was the nerdy artist. On Aurora's tenth birthday, her dream comes true. She gets accepted into a Dance Academy in England. Faye on the other hand, got accepted into an Art Institute in their home town, Detroit. When Aurora left, Faye suffered a depression so big she almost stopped drawing. Then she realized, why should she be sad? She should be angry. So instead of quitting what she loves, she got a new hobby. Faye became a streetfighter. 

Seven years later, Aurora returns. No one knows why because she would never quit dance. She shows up on the steps of Faye's house, whose parents gladly take Aurora in. Faye, still angry at her best friend, ignores her. 

Will Faye forgive Aurora, or will she hate her forever?

* N O T E *
I'm completely rewriting this story, things will change and the plot and story line in general will be better.  I'm also changing the title, but I am keeping this copy published. The new one will be called "The Dancer and the Artist". Check it out.

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theoneandonlyRed theoneandonlyRed Sep 02, 2016
lol this is a great start, I should have expected nothing less from my best friend =P