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Lost & Found

Lost & Found

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EdwardCruise By EdwardCruise Updated Dec 30, 2010

There are some people who are such a great part of you that when they leave,you feel hollow. I had a friend like that too.He was an eternal part of my soul. He understood me when no one did. He was there when no one was.With him even hell seemed like heaven. And I knew that till he was there I would be able to live through the worst.
And then one day he was gone.Just like that.No word. Without a trace.And that day a huge part of me died. 
And a few years later,with my sister another part of me died. I was left all alone. I felt I was all alone,for I had lost the 2 most important people in my life.
Its been years..and I dont know where he is,or if he is even alive.But he is still here with me. When I see something beautiful, I think of him. When I hear a beautiful song, I think of him. When I eat something amazing,I think of him. He is still a part of me.
But its been almost 7 years now. And if he had to come back or if I had to ever hear his voice again, I would have right? But nothing happened.I have to move on. So when I move to college I plan on starting a new life. From the scratch.Leave his memories behind. I have waited enough..I cant keep waiting forever. 
but there is a question which lingers at the back of my mind always.If he ever comes back,would I be able to accept him back? Should I accept that person back who nearly killed me and took away my soul when he left?
Would you?

anju8484 anju8484 Nov 11, 2010
really!!! :) dedicated to moi???? touched. ~sniffle~
EdwardCruise EdwardCruise Nov 01, 2010
@Critic_101 : have u read the other parts? lemme kno wat u think. :)
                              thanks :)
EdwardCruise EdwardCruise Sep 04, 2010
This new upload is for my friend.. S.J... 
                              to you..
                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)