Double Trouble: Part 7

Double Trouble: Part 7

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5 Years Later...

"Vaeh Come On!" I Snapped. 

"Shut Up! I'm Coming!" She Said. We Were Sneaking In The House An Hour Pass Curfew And I Was Trying To Get In Before Our Parents Figured Out We Were Not Home, But Nevaeh Was Too Busy Kissing Her Boyfriend Goodbye. 

"Look...If I Get Caught Because Of YOU Then I'm Going To Beat Your Ass! Let's Go!" I Snapped. 

"Okay! Sorry!" She Said. We Hurried Towards The Backyard And Crept Onto The Back Porch. I Quietly Unlocked The Door And Grabbed Nevaeh's Hand As We Quietly Tiptoed Through The Dark Living Room. Right Before We Reached The Stairs, The Living Room Light Came On And We Froze. 

"You Two Should Already Know You're In Big Trouble!" Our Dad Snapped. We Slowly Turned Around. 

"Dad...We Can Explain!" Nevaeh Said. 

"Please Do!" He Said. 

"Well....Uhh....Naomii Explain!" She Said. 

"We Had To Stop And Get Gas, And Take A Few People Home." I Said. 

"And Do These Few People Have Curfews?" He Said. I Shrugged. 

"Well You ...

I know that kiss wasn't the only reason you'll coming in late
Jesus 😨😨😨😨 me and my twin only argue, never fight, you'll trippin
I know how u feel, wow things changes between us twins when we get older, fix it before it's damaged forever
The chapter broke my heart, they twins, it should never be that serious where they fight
You could've walked away, my twin hits me, I don't hit back for a damn reason, if I do I would really hurt her
That's the problem, I'm a twin so i know and we have different friends because we are two different people, let's just put it that way