The Nameless Boy

The Nameless Boy

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"The voices." He simply said.

"Voices? In your head?" I asked remembering he's schizophrenic.

"Yeah. They tear me down, they rip me apart. They've hurt me more than any human. They told me that everyone will eventually let me down. No one's worth it." 

"That's not true." I said putting my hand on my shoulder.

"Yes it is." He said turning to face me. "Everyone leaves. Everyone betrays. It's what humans do." 

"I won't do that." I said. "You can count on me. We can be friends. We can be really close, amazing friends!"

"You're a liar!" He said looking at me with disgust.

"Dude, I'm not. You barely know me! Can you give me a chance?"

"Chance." He mummbled softly. "A chance?"

"Yes. Just one." 

"Okay." He said. "I'm sorry, it got the best of me."

"It's okay. Everything's fine." I said, my hand still on his shoulder. He looked down at my hand, then to my eyes. His eyes were dark and full of mystery. I couldn't read them, he just looked lost. Lost in the sky, with billions of stars. 

I could see the stars in his eyes.

Spotify playlist I made of songs inspired by this book:

Haha this is me. My school has so many self centered boys. Like ugh get over yourself 😂
I'd love to go to CalTech but they have like a 7% acceptance rate and it's about 2,500 miles away from where I live
L1ttle_l1ly L1ttle_l1ly Sep 02
If a guy is being self entered and all I'm doing is inflating his ego, I just leave. If he calls me any name, good or bad, I say "I'm sorry you think of me that way, but I don't think of you at all."
Hey!!! That's where I wanna go. I hear they have a pretty awesome psychology program
Same.  Mine was built sometime from 1910-1920 and it has a HUGE staircase leading up to the front doors
I thought that said moonys are the worst for a second there I was like what are you saying about remus lupin