The Nameless Boy

The Nameless Boy

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"The voices." He simply said.

"Voices? In your head?" I asked remembering he's schizophrenic.

"Yeah. They tear me down, they rip me apart. They've hurt me more than any human. They told me that everyone will eventually let me down. No one's worth it." 

"That's not true." I said putting my hand on my shoulder.

"Yes it is." He said turning to face me. "Everyone leaves. Everyone betrays. It's what humans do." 

"I won't do that." I said. "You can count on me. We can be friends. We can be really close, amazing friends!"

"You're a liar!" He said looking at me with disgust.

"Dude, I'm not. You barely know me! Can you give me a chance?"

"Chance." He mummbled softly. "A chance?"

"Yes. Just one." 

"Okay." He said. "I'm sorry, it got the best of me."

"It's okay. Everything's fine." I said, my hand still on his shoulder. He looked down at my hand, then to my eyes. His eyes were dark and full of mystery. I couldn't read them, he just looked lost. Lost in the sky, with billions of stars. 

I could see the stars in his eyes.

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lilmantaray lilmantaray Oct 20, 2017
She legit was just telling her to be a gold digger this story sure is something my duds
Danie_jay Danie_jay Jun 16, 2017
Better chance at being a scientist and making loads of cash then becoming a model and having to start out slow
nicaya514 nicaya514 May 05, 2017
No that's some voodoo​ type, the devil is a liar I love god how he did that
Kiagrn03 Kiagrn03 Aug 04, 2017
Girl for him to be so weird, you sure is looking Back at him a lot
joedoe16 joedoe16 May 01, 2017
Same the only part u can see is a little space in front of the door
nicaya514 nicaya514 May 05, 2017
He is joking right because I am not joking about sticking him in a closet and sucking out the air supply, science is useful u know