The Dark Lord's Daughter- Book One (A Harry Potter Fan Fic)

The Dark Lord's Daughter- Book One (A Harry Potter Fan Fic)

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Harry Potter nerd By LiviieMarie Completed

Have you ever imagined what the world would be like if Lord Voldemort had a child? Well now he's got three. Follow his eldest daughter, Leah through her adventures at Hogwarts, in the war, and after. Will she be just like her parents or the opposite? Will she ever fall in love? Is she a good student? All will be revealed. One thing is for certain though: the world is a much more dangerous place with Leah around.

Coming Next: The Dark Lord's Daughter Returns
After that: The Dark Lord's Daughter: The Final Stand

*All rights go to JK Rowling except for my own original characters.*

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BooksAndMe4Ever BooksAndMe4Ever Jun 27, 2017
Wait that means draco and Rosemarie are cousins so this isn't a draco malfoy fanfic
Charlotte_Chevallier Charlotte_Chevallier Feb 07, 2016
Oh Baby Draco... I'm certain that he was the cutest baby ever❤️
A_Teenage_Oreo A_Teenage_Oreo Aug 13, 2016
I suggest those who haven't read the new book to not read this.
                              In the new book Voldemort does have a daughter. (With Bellatrix) Her name is Delphi. She is awesome but evil. Be warned! She is no good person.
CrazyNinjaPerson CrazyNinjaPerson Apr 16, 2016
Where did she get green eyes? Both Bellatrix and Voldemort have dark brown (black, if you will). Voldemort's eyes turned red after he made his snake a horcurce (I know for a fact a spell that wrong)
TTMAPF TTMAPF Mar 17, 2016
You really know how to get people hooked from the first chapter!😆
SopieDooms SopieDooms Jul 09, 2016
I love imagining Voldemort being kind enough to share his power. It is also fun to imagine him with three daughters