Camp Creepypasta  (Ticci Toby x Reader)

Camp Creepypasta (Ticci Toby x Reader)

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Slendy needs more Creepypastas. So he takes Splendy's advice and makes a summer camp to train some chosen kids to become Creepypastas. He sends out letters to the chosen kids to tell them that they have been chosen.

You live with your little brother and abusive father. What happens when you get one of the letters and you have to go to Camp Creepypasta.

I don't own the Creepypastas or the pictures (unless I draw them).

Was I the only one reminded of a camp half blood slash hog warts type place ?
MamaBunnie MamaBunnie 3 days ago
Well, since you put it like that............
                              Buh-Bye biash
Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Nov 27, 2016
Me: Haha! Nice one! Sorry, but the names Cipher! I'm an all powerful dream demon! *laughs* So you wanna make a deal?
                              Masky: You're insane *deadpan face*😑
                              Me: Sure I am! What's your point?
Stitchships Stitchships Jan 03
-holds Leo and pets his head while glaring at people-
                              Don't touch my baby. I will personally rip every living cell out of your body and burn them in acid
Kaitrano Kaitrano Dec 30, 2016
                              Well Done Slendy, well done. Now I have no choice but to go! Thx a Lot, Buddy oh Pal! 😒
Stitchships Stitchships Jan 03
Me: toby, did you just kill someone to prove your point?
                              Toby: yes...
                              Me: and what did I say last time?
                              Toby: no waffles if I do it again...
                              Me: and what did you do?
                              Me: Toby.
                     it again...
                              Me: mhm. No waffle for you