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Battle for the Golden heart (SaberTooth vs Fairy Tail

Battle for the Golden heart (SaberTooth vs Fairy Tail

23K Reads 752 Votes 32 Part Story
Abby Vega By abby_sb Completed

Lucy, A member of the proud and powerful Fairy Tail. Our little Lisanna has returned from the "Dead". Of corse Natsu would be happy and would want to spend time with Lisanna, but Lucy feels forgotten. She feels like she was just a place holder, So what does he do? She leaves, and joins A new guild, SaberTooth. Not only does she find a family, she fins someone who loves her. Sting. But world is working against Lucy, And she finds herself being taken by someone else who wants her. Can Natsu and Sting save her time, But then who be left heartbroken and who will be the one who has it all?

{warning first book and i have not edited it yet}

Its not last straw its last strauss 🙂🙂
                     oh ok...
readinrandom readinrandom Jun 29, 2016
And drumroll please (drumroll sound) let me introduce convenient timing! (Claps)
fairy_tail_loverXD fairy_tail_loverXD May 28, 2016
I was crying becaz of the story with a sad song cry my teat out
readinrandom readinrandom Jun 29, 2016
Open hate of the maiden! Unleash all your hatred onto to the world! Mhuhahahahaha (spawns in a pink fluffy baby sheep) oh, well that failed miserably
Neko_yama_13 Neko_yama_13 Nov 08, 2016
                              This book got me  addicted to it!
                              The grammar is AMAZING👌
                              And all in all it was beautiful, the way u blended words was...... I have no words❤️❤️❤️
Phoenix_of_the_Stars Phoenix_of_the_Stars Jul 21, 2016
Oh!! Now you want to make it right! After months of ignoring, lying, and breaking promises you want to make it're such a dense baka........