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Destiel One Shots (CA)

Destiel One Shots (CA)

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GummyStories By GummyStories Updated May 08

2 cute 5 me

Oh no you already deleted them. Now I'm sick and sad. I'm here for you tho.
Pls do not delete but I Understand why you would want to. I'm here for your whenever, Your stories make me so happy!, they put a smile on my face, But it is your choice.
No please don't delete. I'm bisexual And you have made me fell very accepted. I love all your stories and all that you write. I love you *Don't take that wrong* even tho I don't know you. Please reconsider. I'm begging you. I always look forward to your stories.
We're here for you. I completely agree with what you're saying, and it honestly hurts that there are people out there who say things like that. I'm so sorry that you're going through this, and I would like you to know that if you ever want to talk, I'm here.
Thank you for your work. We will miss you, but we understand why you are doing what you're doing
Kami192 Kami192 May 09
Thank you for being a kind sweet person who actually supports LGBTQ+ it makes me really happy  to be honest I think I just enjoy your writing in general