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Pokemon Academy High (pokemon trainers x reader oneshots)

Pokemon Academy High (pokemon trainers x reader oneshots)

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MexicanFangirl28 By MexicanFangirl28 Updated Aug 09, 2015

First of all it's @AshlanJames (hopefully I spelled that right...) idea! now it's boring summary time!! XD
(Y/N) a smart young girl attending the famous Pokemon Academy High School in Viridian City where the best trainers, coordiantors,  and (etc). From the Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos regions. (Y/N) along with her newly received starter pokemon (Y/S/P) she encounters strong trainers, powerful coordinators. And along the way has her misadventures. Join as you start new flames of passion and (maybe) rekindle old flames of passion.
(Now I have to stop before I fangirl)
(Y/N) = your name
(F/N) = full name
(Y/S/P) = your starter Pokémon
(H/C) = hair color
(H/S) = hair size 
(C) = clothes
(T/C) =trainer class
(H/R) = home region
(H/T) = home town
((disclaimer: Pokemon doesn't belong to that belongs to gamefreak, Nintendo, etc. You belong to obviously YOU. Girls only! and enter at your own risk! these oneshots wil leave you fangirling until your inner fangirl eventually dies (I'll try not to)

20140G 20140G Nov 07, 2016
Calem x Reader. I haven't seen any of Calem yet. Also possibly a Silver x Reader?
isaramao isaramao Nov 07, 2016
Probably a strange request, since no one really likes him that much, but can you do Clemont?
_TheVampireQueen_ _TheVampireQueen_ Aug 15, 2016
Not many people know who he is but if you do could you do an Alain x reader?
ReeseLebau ReeseLebau Sep 05, 2016
Trip X reader and the reader have a riolu that evolve into a laudatio.
MexicanFangirl28 MexicanFangirl28 Sep 19, 2015
                              I've never tried it before...well there's a first time for everything so...OKAY!
underwxterdream underwxterdream Sep 19, 2015
@MexicanFangirl28 C-can you do either a Black x Reader/OC or a Calem x Reader/OC?