Pokemon Academy High (pokemon trainers x reader oneshots)

Pokemon Academy High (pokemon trainers x reader oneshots)

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MexicanFangirl28 By MexicanFangirl28 Updated Aug 09, 2015

First of all it's @AshlanJames (hopefully I spelled that right...) idea! now it's boring summary time! XD

- - - -

(Y/N) a smart young girl attending the famous Pokemon Academy High School in Viridian City where the best trainers, coordiantors, (etc). From the Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos regions. (Y/N) along with her newly received starter pokemon (Y/S/P) she encounters strong trainers, powerful coordinators. And along the way has her misadventures. Join as you start new flames of passion and (maybe) rekindle old flames of passion.
(Now I have to stop before I fangirl)
(Y/N) = your name
(F/N) = full name
(Y/S/P) = your starter Pokémon
(H/C) = hair color
(H/S) = hair size 
(C) = clothes
(T/C) =trainer class
(H/R) = home region
(H/T) = home town
((disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to that belongs to gamefreak, Nintendo, etc. You belong to obviously YOU. So please enjoy!)

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                              -thinks of pokemon ships-
                              Uhhhhhh whats the most popoular ship in pokemon
20140G 20140G Nov 07, 2016
Calem x Reader. I haven't seen any of Calem yet. Also possibly a Silver x Reader?
isaramao isaramao Nov 07, 2016
Probably a strange request, since no one really likes him that much, but can you do Clemont?
_TheVampireQueen_ _TheVampireQueen_ Aug 15, 2016
Not many people know who he is but if you do could you do an Alain x reader?
ReeseLebau ReeseLebau Sep 05, 2016
Trip X reader and the reader have a riolu that evolve into a laudatio.
MexicanFangirl28 MexicanFangirl28 Sep 19, 2015
                              I've never tried it before...well there's a first time for everything so...OKAY!