Please officer (#Wattys2016)

Please officer (#Wattys2016)

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Sequoia smith is a 22 year old exotic vixen, just starting life in the city of Miami. With no trace of the usual college student debt on her, she is fresh out of college and she has no idea what to do with her life now. so she just lives her life , partying and working a well paying job as a photographer.  With little to no problems, but that changes.

Meet officer Justin bieber 27, who is very sneaky when it comes to cheating on his 28 year old wife ,Penelope bieber, with his female coworkers and sometimes women he pulls over or stop for a petty crime they've committed. He married too early, he  thinks, so to make up for all the fun he missed out on , he sleeps with other women. Justin is the pickiest guy in the world, but that doesn't stop Sequoia from catching his eye.

Justin uses his authority to get what he wants but can he do the same to Sequoia?

Or will everything come back to bite him?
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do u know how many times I've read this book cause I've lost count it's soooooo good
anishinaabe anishinaabe Jul 13
I haven't even read the first chapter and I'm already damn well excited 👅😂
mccannsbby mccannsbby Nov 10
Who fucks an officer cause he's threatening you wtf. But I'll make accept ions cause it is j