The nanny

The nanny

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Jessica Morin By J7Morin Updated Mar 28, 2016

Evangeline (Evie) Miridy had a perfect life. Till she got the news that would turn her life upside down, until she sees the flyer asking for a nanny. Will this be the closest thing to having what she wants? The Brallens are a big family that isn't really a true family until Evie comes into the picture. She helps bring the family back together but what happens when a past dream comes knocking at her door? Will she take it or will she stay with the children she has grown to love?

   SORRY FOR SLOW UPDATES!!! The beginning goes a little quick but keep reading. I promise it gets better. Also This is not like the TV Show or like Jessie (I hate that show. it is so stupid) This has a real plot and will actually (hopefully) go somewhere. ENJOY!!!!!! 

p.s. this is not!! like Jessie or the nanny!!! she does not fall in love with the father (sorry but gross she is young and he is too old for her in my opinion.

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