A sinking superhero (Nightwing x  superhero reader)

A sinking superhero (Nightwing x superhero reader)

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glaceon6262 By glaceon6262 Updated Oct 06

Hey this is my first book ever on wattpad yay! I have written stories before on deviant art but not like this. Hopefully all of you will like it and sorry if you don't. Btw this story already gives you a name and hair color so if you don't like it then don't read it thanks!:):):):):):):):) btw I do not own Nightwing batman and any of the other members of the justice league and young justice league

The cover drew me in, like...oh god...😶
                              Dick: *waves hand over my face* great, now she's broken... *sees what I saw* OK, I can see why...
iknowrocknroll567 iknowrocknroll567 Jul 11, 2015
Is it actually 'x reader' if you make up the character? Like, an entire character the label it x reader? Is it weird that I feel like this?