The Fangirl In Kamisama Kiss?

The Fangirl In Kamisama Kiss?

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bubblegumwaffles By bubblegumwaffles Updated Nov 19, 2016

Brooklyn Johnson is your average, typical 16 year old. She's a fangirl who spends most her days scrolling on Tumblr, rocking out on her guitar, reading loads of manga and watching a lot of anime. But the thing is, Brooklyn also has to deal with her aunt Lindsey and her snobby cousins, Charlotte and Jessica. 

But when she ditches class for a new bookshop opening and steps into the mysterious yet beautiful bookshop, which is owned by a weird guy called Mikage, things take a turn. 

Brooke gets sucked into, 'Kamisama Kiss'! 

Brooke must find a way to leave before she does something that could possibly change herself and the story itself! But could a certain fox stop her? Or will Brooke stick to the storyline? 


Disclaimer: I do not own Kamisama Kiss/ Kamisama Hajimemashita as this belongs to Julietta Suzuki! :D (Also the app used to make my front cover was Pic Collage :D)

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She is basically me. 
                              Who sometimes has the urge to put themselves into the story as the OC?
yusca0111 yusca0111 Aug 29
She's like taller than me and lighter than me, im fat af though 😂😂just saying
Okay so she's like Erza Scarlet and like a child of a Athena
                              Cool cool
SassQueenJackson SassQueenJackson Apr 25, 2016
No offence, but that weight is kinda unrealistic! Cause She's 16, 5'3" and ONLY weighs 42? I understand in books people are ideal weights and body types etc. But i know so many girls (me included) who are younger, shorter and weigh more!
xXTheOneWhoWatchesXx xXTheOneWhoWatchesXx Jun 26, 2016
OMG this is really irrelevant but.....undertale reference.......DETERMINATION!!!!!!!😆. I'M SOOO COOL!!!😎. But I'm a nerd too!😉.......FRISK!!!😑...HAHAHAHA!!!!😆☺
SpoiledChild221 SpoiledChild221 Jan 19, 2016
I'm a huge fan of kamisama hahimenmashita. Also I'm late >_<