Reader x BTS

Reader x BTS

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RedAria By MusicalMaknae Completed

After graduating from college, without a thought of what to be, you decided to move to Seoul, South Korea where your best friend was. With a lot of convincing, your overprotective parents allowed you to move. And also having learned Korean convinced them as well.
You moved in with all your belongings, and your best friend was currently obsessed with a Korean boy group called BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan. You listened to their music, and admit it wasn't bad, but you didn't get what's there to be obsess about. 
After a month, there was going to be a BTS concert. Your friend convinced you to go, and and there you guys went, watching the concert. You were amazed, though not entirely interested. Leaving the stadium your friend, you guys bumped into a group of tall boys. It was BTS! You thought that they were more handsome up close, and became flustered. 

Are you growing an interest, or is this only temporary?

START: June 20, 2015
END: November 18, 2017

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squidfangirl squidfangirl Jul 19, 2017
Lol wow my mom maybe there's no way in hell my dad would let me leave the country lmao 😂
IdiotJinStan IdiotJinStan Jul 27, 2017
that's me when my friend says she's going to be absent, and i'd be alone in a living hell called school
IdiotJinStan IdiotJinStan Jul 27, 2017
me with my children (best friends) when they say they brought their own food
ClearlyNormal ClearlyNormal Apr 16, 2017
My dad: hell no, you are staying young lady
                              My mom:say hi to my family 
                              (We are a Korean family that lives in America)
Snoweytoes Snoweytoes Sep 22, 2017
AnimePotatoo AnimePotatoo Sep 14, 2017
I have no friends so let's just say its Tiffany from Girls Generation