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storymaker1235 By storymaker1235 Updated Aug 02, 2016

Everyone Hates her,
Yet everyone needs her.

Everyone needs her,
Yet no one wants her.

No one wants her,
Yet He does.


Scarlett, just Scarlett. No last name. She doesnt deserve one. She doesn't deserve to have the same last name as her father. Especially after she was the reason for his death. Or, at least thats what they say. They being her pack. The same pack that hurts her, abuses her, and abandoned her. 


What will happen when she exscapes? Who will she find? Where will she find it. What will she come across. And when will this all happen? Will it be too late? And what happens when the person who she saw their cold, lifeless body on the ground seven years ago comes back. Will it be war or peace? Or both, if that is even possible. Will the questions ever stop? Probibly not.

And the biggest question of all: what will happen when she finds that she trespassed on the royal ruby pack land. Her mates land. The Alpha Kings land.

  • alpha
  • alphaking
  • alphamate
  • alphaprince
  • daughter
  • king
  • marriage
  • mate
  • mates
  • moongoddess
  • moongoddessdaughter
  • omega
  • packslave
  • rouge
  • runaway
  • runawayfrompack
  • slave
  • werewolf
  • werewolves
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Amsters21 Amsters21 Mar 12
I respect you so much that you have dislexi and you writing a book that is amazing
trinkrazo trinkrazo Jun 18
If the Alpha is buying sports cars and not managing the money that is why your pack is poor not the rebuild.  One or the other.
I majorly suck at spelling. I always have to ise spell check or autocor2ect.
That's so cool, not the dyslexia, but the fact you're writing despite having it. Go you!!!!
trinkrazo trinkrazo Jun 18
Grammarly is an app that helps with grammar and spelling.  It wouls with Wattpad and can be added with a chrome extension or by download.  I understand your plight because I have the math version, it is terribly frustrating when the numbers suddenly decide to tango on the page.
Queennnpj Queennnpj Oct 15
☣☣I call lier:🙅🙅🙅💁💁👀👀 🗳🗳🗳🐸🐸☕☕🔥🎈🚫🛇🚫🛇🚫🛇🚫🛇☣☣❌✖❌✖❌✴
                              *smacks gavel on random table*
                              " There is no such this as innocence in the land of Wattpad"