Change Our Life » Punk Niall Story

Change Our Life » Punk Niall Story

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Hannah By hannahxstyles Completed

Opposites Attract... Right...?

Hannah Thirlwall is a 17 year old girl, who was born into an British/Irish family, but moved to the USA as a child. She's always been a straight A student, popular, captain of the volleyball team girl. She always went to church, and studied her hardest.

But can one simple divorce change it all?

But what caused the divorce? That's one secret that in unknown... Until Now.

When a smack in the head by a locker gets her upfront with the school's bad boy, Niall Horan, and his 'posse'. But Are they who they say they are?

Secrets are kept and twists and turns seem to mess up a once normal life of Hannah Thirlwall.

Is she really running away from home with Niall? or He just trying to keep her safe?

What would Witness Protection have to do with Niall?

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FuckingVkook FuckingVkook Jun 20, 2016
I was born in Australia stayed there for 10 years till I moved to Scotland
nappingwithniall nappingwithniall Mar 23, 2016
KYLIZZLEMYNIZZLE AM I RIGHT ?? LMFAO all I thought about was Kylie Jenner
vampirial vampirial Feb 16, 2016
HEY! THATS ÑŒT MY NAME! it's not, just wanted to fit in 😂😂😂
SarahTheSmartAss SarahTheSmartAss Mar 04, 2016
XD I don't have friends I call them hang out buddies so I won't be a loner
Roisin_howard16 Roisin_howard16 Apr 06, 2016
I'm 13 and live in mullingar it's class but the weather is shite
alissagle alissagle Apr 22, 2016
God i thought its the hannah  from harry fanfic and it freaked me out so bad that the first line is getting a divorce